• World of Tanks

    I am a mediocre WoT Player by all standards.

    Playing WoT for nearly 18 months now, I was able to maintain a win rate above 50%. All those performance ratings out there call me an average player.
    And yes, that’s what I am.

    I really like my scout tanks, especially my VK28.01 and my WZ-132, which I take out for a drive quite regularly.
    Other than scouts, I am into medium tanks. Here, my highlights are an M46 Patton and a WZ-120. Planning on unlocking the British and the German medium line, leading to the Leopard 1.
    Heavies are not my first (or second) choice, even though I enjoyed my Tiger I and Tiger II considerably. Sometime in the future, I will try to grind to the E-75. But that will not happen in the next weeks or even months.
    TD’s are an on/off relationship. Right now, it’s ON. Just yesterday, I got myself a Marder 38T and had a fantastic first game with it. Top Gun and 1st class mastery badge. It’s the Rhm.Borsig WT I’m aiming at.

  • who I am

    Started computer gaming in the early 1980s with an Atari VCS 2600. Fell for strategy games and simulations on a C64. Actually an a C128 but it ran almost exclusively in C64 mode. In 1991, I bought my very first PC, with an Intel 386DX-33MHz Processor.

    The two software developers that did cost me countless hours of my youth were SSI and MicroProse.
    My very first ‘serious’ strategy game for the commodore was Kampfgruppe by SSI. Took me a long, long time to understand what was going on on my screen. At least, there was a printed documentation in the box. In English. Trying to understand the words, sentences and paragraphs was a great motivation to learn English :-)
    Then came Silent Service by MicroProse.
    And Red Storm Rising. Which led me to buy the novel by Tom Clancy.
    Back then, only the English version was available. There was no West German publisher who dared to bring a translation to the market. The ‘Evil Soviets vs. heroic NATO’ theme wasn’t on vogue.

    There were, in no particular order, the Panzer General series, Sid Meier’s Civilization, Battle Isle, Overrun, Clash of Steel, Battlefronts Combat Mission Series, Strategic Command and many more.

    Civilization 4 Beyond the Sword was, by far my most played game.

    In recent time, my gaming focus is World of Tanks. Last year, I spent a considerable amount of hours playing this game. Due to Real Life (TM), I hadn’t had a lot of games of WoT lately.